Celebrate Your Roots Community Contest

Celebrate Your Roots Community Contest

At the top of 2021, we kicked off the “Celebrate Your Roots” campaign here at PATTERN.

Naturals from all over the globe showed us in1-minute videos and photos how families styled their beautiful natural hair. They showed us grandma braiding their hair, a dad combing his daughter’s hair, mom twisting her son’s hair, and how auntie styles her niece's coils.

Watch the community video created from these touching moments: 

This was our first time soliciting our PATTERN community for brand campaign content. This has been an exciting opportunity for PATTERN followers and the natural hair community to share their heritage and the beauty of the haircare process.



As Black History Month and the year goes on, we're going to continue highlighting our community. So keep the images and photos coming. Post on social media and tag us @patternbeauty with #CelebrateYourRoots & #HonorYourPattern
  • Shoot a one-minute long video (maximum) of a family member doing your hair or you styling a family member’s hair
  • Shoot video Landscape, wide shots.
  • Shoot in color, no filters
  • Or submit 3-6 photographs (landscape or portrait) of a family member doing your hair or you styling a family member’s hair
  • PATTERN Beauty reserves the right to edit, crop, resize all submitted content
  • Include your full name, age, mailing address, email address and Instagram handle (optional)
  • NOTE: We will accept links to file share sites like WeTransfer, Dropbox & Google Drive

Can’t wait to see what you capture! 


Photo Credit: Jeremy Rodney-Hall