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We are here to fulfill the beauty needs of the

We are centered around the celebration of Black Beauty.
We are an active space for uplifting &loving our authentic beauty.
We are Black-owned & Black-founded

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About Pattern

Natural hair products done right.

Pattern Beauty has everything you need for juicy, joyful, and healthy hair.

We focus on the use of quality ingredients to nourish each strand of hair. By Black hair for Black hair, we have all the hair accessories, styling products, hair treatments, and more that your textured hair didn't have access to. We have something for every curly hair type and if you don't know where to start we have the resources to teach you about your hair. We are here to empower you. Our products are here to empower you. We want you to be empowered by your authentic Black Beauty and our products are how we do that. Say goodbye to damaged hair and be prepared to experience your hair to its fullest potential. At Pattern Beauty, we approach hair health in a holistic way. We have products to meet your hair in whatever stage it's in. We want to be involved in every step of your hair care routine to ensure your hair is getting the nourishment it deserves. Our products include shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, scalp treatments, argan oil, jojoba oil, different cleansing treatments, styling cream, and more.

Get your curls healthy and defined with Pattern Beauty.