Expand Your PATTERN:  PATTERN Arrives in the UK

Expand Your PATTERN: PATTERN Arrives in the UK


We’ve got big news! PATTERN Beauty has expanded to EU, starting with our online and in-store in the UK at British beauty and health retailer Boots on June 29th, 2022. While we’ve always shipped to the UK, we’re excited to make our brand more readily accessible to our community in London & beyond. 

We could not be more excited!  And by excited, we mean we are chuffed to bits and ready for tea with Idris & Sabrina! With growth comes changes. There’s going to be more information on our packaging - so get ready to see millimeters next to ounces & although they speak English in the UK, the EU requires us to include french on our packaging. Mais oui! 

The core mission of PATTERN since its launch in 2019 has been to serve the needs of the curly, coily & tight-textured community, to celebrate Black beauty & be an active space for uplifting and loving this community’s natural beauty. In creating the world of PATTERN, Tracee created a sacred space that allows our authentic beauty & blackness to feel seen, heard & celebrated. In 2021, PATTERN expanded to Canada & now by increasing our presence in the United Kingdom we’re so excited to continue to serve the needs of our community with our coils as the bridge that connects us. 

From the very beginning of PATTERN, I set out to build a different kind of beauty companyone that is not just about brand sales, but expands the narrative around Black consumers. And that has always included the global diaspora of the curlies, coilies & tight textures,” says Ross.

 The PATTERN collection will be available at +100 Boots locations, then will expand +500 stores throughout the country in early August. 

"While not all of PATTERN’s customers are Black, we have always been centered around the celebration of Black beauty," says Ross. "With PATTERN now being available in the UK, I am reminded of the importance of being a Black-owned business in one of the country's largest retailers. Today, we are one step closer to creating an industry where the curly, coily and tight textured community is no longer overlooked or overshadowed. Instead, it is centered and celebrated."

Expand your definition of beauty. Explore how you care for your hair. Embrace your gorgeous. Rock, Style & Honor your PATTERN.

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