Brush Attachment

What is the Brush Attachment & Why is it Great for Curly Hair?

Whether you’re just setting out on your natural hair care journey or you’re a seasoned wash day pro, learning to style your curls at home creates a gateway to embracing your own natural individuality.

By pairing the PATTERN Blow Dryer with its uniquely-designed Brush Attachment, you can equip yourself with an all-in-one tool to celebrate the curls & coils unique to you. The Brush Attachment easily elevates a salon-quality blow-dry style with expansive options of shaping, stretching & defining your curls.

Style Beautifully Defined Curls Instantly

For curly heads, the word “brush” isn’t typically used in the same sentence as “curl definition.” But this isn’t any ordinary brush. Our Brush Attachment is uniquely rooted in the design of our definition-boosting Shower Brush, so with the right technique, its bristles can actually coax a curl together, rather than pull it apart. 

Before you begin styling, don’t forget to use our Heat Protectant to make sure your curls are nurtured & healthy alongside any heat styling.1 

Then, start at the ends of a curl section & work your way up each strand. Work the Brush Attachment up the length, using it to detangle & smooth while you twist gently. The bristles are crafted with your curls in mind, so this method creates especially smooth coils. Scrunch the ringlet afterward & repeat for the next sections. 

“The Brush Attachment allows you to get voluminous curls or shape depending on the person’s curl pattern,” says PATTERN Hair Stylist & Brand Ambassador Mideyah Parker. “For people with S curls and waves, I recommend pulling through the root for lift and volume. I also advise pulling all the way through to stretch your curls or wave out, while maintaining volume. An added bonus is it will not make your hair flat. It is ideal for someone seeking texture and movement or a half-up and half-down style. Our 4c beauties will love the volume and shape they can create. This product is perfect for flat twists in the front and hair out in the back. 

Expertly Prepare & Lengthen Your Hair Before Styling

Whether you’re planning on a twist-out, braids or other protective styles, the Brush Attachment can make your prep work easy. While the dryer works its heated magic, the attachment’s bristles get down to detangling business, making it an ideal step between your wash & chosen style.

In the same vein, our Brush Attachment can also add generous length to your hair. If you’re aiming for a blow-out or a twist-out, give yourself some extra length to make styling a breeze. Additionally, if your natural crown is more coily & tightly textured, this powerful attachment can help boost length & volume for afros & afro puffs. 

Try Out This Smoothing Style with the Brush Attachment 

Want a detailed guide to the Brush Attachment’s styling powers? Try this styling technique for yourself & let the luscious results speak for themselves!

  1. After washing your hair with shampoo & finishing off with conditioner, apply PATTERN’s Leave-In Conditioner to the lengths of your hair strands. 
  2. For even application & detangling prep, gently brush through your curls with our Shower Brush or Wide Tooth Comb
  3. Using your brush or comb, section your brushed hair into equal sections. We recommend six, though you can use fewer or more depending on your hair density.
  4. Spray a generous amount of heat protectant before any heat styling. This ensures you keep your curls healthy & moisturized.
  5. Moving individually from section to section, use the PATTERN Blow Dryer & pull the Brush Attachment through your hair from the ends upward. 

Stylist’s Tip

If your sights are set on using the Brush Attachment for a protective style, use our Styling Cream for mega moisture penetration & ultimate styling hold. We recommend applying cream-based styling products to freshly-washed, wet hair before blow drying to achieve a smoother, hydrated & shiny end result.2

Celebrate Your Curls & Embrace PATTERN

Between the PATTERN Blow Dryer & its many attachments that put the empowerment of styling right in your hands, you’re well on your way to achieving the superstar style of your dreams.

At PATTERN, we believe in celebrating the natural curl pattern that makes you, you. That’s why we design products that nourish your hair & support your textured truth—whether it’s with our specialty masks & styling products or our wide range of tools & accessories, such as those included in our Heat Bundle

Ready to embrace your natural curls? Get started with PATTERN today.


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