What is the Concentrator Attachment

What is the Concentrator Attachment & How Can It Be Used For Heat Styling?

In the world of curly & coily hair care, the diffuser attachment for the blow dryer draws a bright spotlight. But while diffuser attachments are useful for adding volume when blow drying, there’s a whole other realm of styling opportunities made possible with another blow dryer attachment: the Concentrator Nozzle attachment. 

Slim yet mighty, a concentrator nozzle can add focused heat & refinement to blowouts & beyond. “The Concentrator Nozzle Attachment is good before styling your hair with flat irons or curling irons for a salon style blow out,” says PATTERN Hair Stylist & Brand Ambassador Mideyah Parker. “It can also be useful if you are just wearing your hair out without any curls or waves.” Read on to learn how to elevate your blow drying—achieved with PATTERN’s high-performing Blow Dryer, of course—with this trusty attachment. 

Add Luscious Length to a Range of Styles

You can happily kiss shrinkage goodbye once you combine our Blow Dryer with its conveniently included Concentrator Nozzle Attachment. It’s perfect to prep your curls for protective styles, like stretching hair before braiding, but it doesn’t stop there. The Concentrator Nozzle can also add stunning length to other stretched styles. 

  • Wash n’ go – Looking for more length? Use the Concentrator Nozzle to gently stretch curls after styling a wash n’ go look.
  • Elongated twist-out – Before you begin twisting your curls, use the Concentrator Nozzle to dry the lengths of your hair to create elegantly elongated twists.
  • Elevated Afro – For those of us with tighter texture, the Concentrator Nozzle has our back. Target your roots for volume & then glide it along the strands to boost your length. 

Stylist’s Tip 

If you’re using a diffuser attachment to set your curls, the Concentrator Nozzle can add some extra length at the end. Once your hair is completely dry, gently stretch your individual curls & pass the Concentrator Nozzle along them. To minimize frizz when elongating curls, we suggest using the dryer’s lowest speed setting at a cool temperature.

Step-by-Step Style: Blow Out with the Concentrator Attachment

Want a bombshell blow-out without the salon price? The Concentrator Nozzle Attachment is designed to give you an expert blow-out while smoothing your hair & locking in shine. 

  1. Start your styling with clean, conditioned & still-wet hair. For maximum moisture, look no further than PATTERN’s Hydration Shampoo & Intensive Conditioner.
  2. To ensure hydration as well as health, detangle with our Leave-In Conditioner & protect your curls with PATTERN’s recently launched Heat Protectant—this is a step too important to skip!1
  3. Separate your hair into sections & twist loosely. Twisted (thus stretched) hair can cut down on drying time, as more of the curl air dries as it waits to be styled.
  4. Directing heat on each section of air, slowly move the mouth of the Nozzle Attachment from root to tip until all strands are dry.

Stylist’s Tip

Finish off your blown-out style with PATTERN’s Shine Spray or Argan Oil Blend, masterfully crafted to make your curly crown shine. Lightly spritz the Shine Spray in uniform strokes for even application to your curls. When applying the Argan Oil Blend, add a few drops between the palms of your hands & gently hand-brush through your blow-dried strands. This blend that includes all the healthy-hair benefits of argan oil, sunflower oil & shea oil works magic on natural hair, helping to impart strength,2 elasticity & moisture.3

Concentrate on Your Curls’ Greatest Potential with PATTERN

We’ve learned that the styling advantages are endless with the power duo that is the PATTERN  Blow Dryer & Concentrator Attachment. With additional lengthening, volumizing & straightening power on top of its salon-level blow-out ability, there’s no limit to styling your curls confidently.

At PATTERN, we recognize what it takes to not only nourish natural hair but also to see it flourish as its truest self, whatever texture or style you’re rocking. That’s why all our products aim to promote the integrity & health of our curls & coils.

From our Shower Brush that gives stunning definition to our Treatment Mask that adds strength to every textured strand, PATTERN is here to celebrate & elevate your natural curls. Shop our hair care collection to experience the PATTERN difference. 


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