Spotlight on Intersxtn Surf

Spotlight on Intersxtn Surf

Waves & Curls Your Way

We met up with Jessa Williams the founder of Intersxtn Surf. Intrsxtn_Surf is a surf collective based in Los Angeles, that exists to increase visibility & inclusion of women of color in surf. They create a safe space for women who want to learn to surf and surf together. We spoke about defining curls, catching waves, community & saying goodbye to summer.


What pattern products do you love for curls when you care for hair after surfing / working out? 

After a "surf sesh," the very first thing I do is tend to my hair. The saltwater tends to dry my hair out. To replenish the moisture my curls are craving, I’ll work some PATTERN Leave-In Conditioner through my hair.

At home in the shower, I love the PATTERN Medium Conditioner because it moisturizes without weighing down my curls & I am team BIG hair! We surf year round & it’s just as important to maintain moisture for my curls as the seasons change!


What does community mean to you? 

Community is so important to me & is the foundation of the Intrsxtn Surf brand. Community is more than just a group of people who have something in common. A true community is the source of support for its people & is what gives people a sense of belonging. 

This is so important for Black Women in particular, because we can be marginalized based on both our race & gender. Intrsxtn Surf & PATTERN both have created such strong communities because of our commitment to centering & celebrating Black Women in all that we do!


What will you miss about summer & what are you looking forward to this fall? 

I’ll miss the slower, more easy-going pace we all tend to take on during the summer… This fall, I’m looking forward to attempting to keep that pace, even as the as the season changes & the energy around us turns into the hustle & bustle of the holidays, I’m trying to hang on to these summer vibes as long as I can!”


 Why do you love surfing? 

I love surfing because it challenges me, every single time. I love the lessons I learn from it.  It teaches me to trust myself & to let go. The ocean is so powerful & shows you that you can’t control everything. The ocean humbles me. 

Surfing is my favorite form of self care. It forces me to be present. We are all so “connected” & “busy” that we can forget how necessary it is to be truly present, to connect with & check in with ourselvesSurfing provides all of this for me!




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