Locs Styling Tutorial & Wash Day Routine

Locs Styling Tutorial & Wash Day Routine

Locs love to grow tall, long & wide. Styling locs is a belief in growth, dimension, magnitude, & evolution. They love to take up space. Just ask doula, mother, wife, author and PATTERN model, Brandi Sellers Jackson about her loc journey and favorite protective style.

Growing locs is a beautiful hair care journey of coiling, twisting, palm rolling, braiding, or allowing natural hair to organically grow & merge to create fused strands which can range from micro size to larger free form. 

Locs crave scalp health & tender attention to their roots. To give us her tried-and-tested loc care routine, we asked Brandi to break it down from Wash Day to her favorite styles, how she interlocks and oils her scalp, plus her personal approach to moisturizing and preventing dry hair with this protective styling technique. 

"I intentionally approach wash day as my self-care ritual. It's my moment to unplug & connect with myself," says Brandi. Within this moment is joy. There is no need for overthinking. I am present & that is enough. I take in my surroundings, smells, & what it feels like to be in my body within the moment. For example, after washing my hair with PATTERN, I not only enjoy the warmth of the hot oil treatment but the feeling of home that it provides, as I reflect on wash days & hot oil treatments as a little girl and moving the product down my locs all the way through my curly ends. 

No matter your hair type or hair texture, PATTERN has a product fit for your hair journey. Shop the must-haves for Loc Care:

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