PATTERN Collaborator Spotlight: Creative Hans Dorsinville

PATTERN Collaborator Spotlight: Creative Hans Dorsinville


Creative Hans Dorsinville as a young boy 


Hans Dorsinville 

What do you do? Chief Creative Officer at Select World NY

How would you describe your hair? WHEN I had hair…it varied from 2b, 3a and 4a

How did you collaborate with Tracee and PATTERN? I was the Creative Director on PATTERN’s first major campaign photoshoot.



Describe your hair in 3 words:
My hair in 3 words: untamed, identifying & moody. 

Describe your hair story in 10 words or less: Light and wavy, dark and curly, coily then gone. 

Who do you call to talk hair? I can talk hair with all my no-hair friends…or else I feel like an impostor. 

Creative Hans Dorsinville as a young boy

What your first memory of your hair?
I don’t think I was really aware of my hair until my mother first tried to cut it. I felt her unsure hands on my head and seeing her reposition herself in front of me, on the side, in the back…trying to find just the right angle to attempt an even cut…it was futile. My curls had a mind of their own! 

Who taught you how to do/style your hair? My father with his black power pick and afro sheen.

What do you think of when you hear the word pattern? Diversity. 

What’s your favorite thing about your hair? I liked that my hair suited my personality. Not having hair now still suits my personality. 

What was it like to work with Tracee? I’ve known Tracee for over 20 years. She is a friend. Working with friends can be great or a disaster. In this case it was inspiring. To be able to bring to life a vision that you believe in is always so fulfilling. It was a great creative dialogue with a clear central mission. I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to add some words in this important cultural conversation. To sum up the experience with Tracee and PATTERN, I would say it was respect, creativity and love. 

What excites you most about PATTERN? Representation and creating a sense of community, pride and celebration.


Creative Hans Dorsinville as a young man
Creative Hans Dorsinville black and white crossing arms


Hans Dorsinville is the Chief Creative Officer of Select World NY based in NYC. You can follow him @hansdorsinville.