Styling Sessions: Kia's Holiday Two-In-One Style

Styling Sessions: Kia's Holiday Two-In-One Style

It's time to sparkle & shine. While 2020 was nothing we could have ever anticipated, the holidays are a time to celebrate  the perfect moment to be thankful for the good that found you & the great that awaits. Whether you're planning a Zoom Hanukkah party, a Christmas night with close family, or a socially-distant New Years Eve, 'tis the season to be curly, be coily & be merry.

To give us some holiday hair inspiration, we partnered with Kia Maria (@ thenotoriouskia) for this episode of Styling Sessions. With her mane maven Daryce Tolliver (@acurlcandream), Kia shows us how to whip up a transformative twist out that can go from conference call to DJ D-Nice's Club Quarantine.



Step 1: Shampoo the hair thoroughly with the Curl Cleansing Shampoo, and follow up with a second wash using the Hydrating Shampoo to cleanse the hair & scalp removing build-up & dirt without stripping away moisture. Rinse completely.

Step 2: Moisturize with the Heavy Conditioner, then finger detangle or use the Shower Brush to work the product through. Rinse completely.

Step 3: To prepare to style, use the Leave-In Conditioner to seal in moisture or further detangle. The lightweight formula is perfect to caress curls & add extra hydration while giving soft curl pattern definition.

Step 4: Section the hair in the desired pattern to prepare to twist out. Daryce creates easy bantu knots to keep the hair moisturized and sectioned while preparing the twist out.

Step 5: Use the Styling Cream to twist the hair. Grab the Natural Hair Claw Clip and the Wide Tooth Comb to continue to detangle and section during the twist out. If desired, set your twists on perm rods for extra curl.

Step 6: Sit under a hooded dryer until hair is completely dry. Alternatively, sleep in a satin cap or scarf overnight with the twists.

Step 7: After the twist out is set, un-twist each section. For the first of two styles, create a deep side part for the twist out and secure with PATTERN Hair Pins, including matte bobby pins.

Step 8: Swoop and slay edges with the Edge Control and Edge Brush secure with any additional Hair Pins.

Step 9: Add volume and style using the Hair Pick for the ultimate side-swept pin-up.

Step 10: Infuse "razzle dazzle" in the side swoop by adding glitter to the Strong Hold Gel. Mix gold glitter into a dollop of gel, blend & apply to the slicked section.

Step 11: For the second look, Daryce sections the hair down the middle and uses the Edge Control to create a French-rolled pompadour.

Step 12: Twist one section from the nape of the neck upward in the French roll and secure with Hair Pins. Repeat with the other side.

Step 13: With the front of the hair, roll sections back and secure with Hair Pins for a side roll bang.

Step 14: Accent with bedazzled curly hair accessories for an unforgettable holiday look all the way around. Cheers!


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