@KelsiasDiary's Wedding Must-Haves

In Kelsia Cadet's piece, "Formal Enough: A Short Film About Black Hair," she delves into the personal, complex emotions that she faces when considering wearing natural hair in a formal setting. With her sister's wedding just around the corner, Kelsia finds herself grappling with her sister's request that all bridesmaids embrace their natural hair during the wedding ceremony. Kelsia, must then face her own hesitation & internalized perceptions toward natural hair being too unconventional for weddings. Her heartfelt video diary sheds light on a journey towards self-acceptance & the significance of embracing authenticity, particularly when it comes to black hair on formal occasions. 


Kelsia takes us through her wash day with PATTERN formulas while talking about her natural hair journey including learning to love & accept her coils unapologetically. When hearing the idea of the bridal party wearing their natural hair for the wedding, Kelsia initially objected & offered alternatives such as wigs, sew-ins, or weaves that mimicked natural hair. Instead, her sister insisted that they style their natural hair with twist outs, braid outs, & flexi rods to be worn for this special event. 

Every flawless natural hairstyle begins on freshly washed and detangled hair. Here’s what Kelsia used:


  • Intensive Conditioner  - Kelsia begins wash day by evenly distributing Intensive Conditioner on wet hair for easier detangling & deep conditioning before shampooing. She uses the Shower Brush to detangle section by section in preparation to wash.
  • Hydration Shampoo - While in the shower, she uses the Hydration Shampoo to cleanse her hair & the Intensive conditioner to condition it once again after shampooing.
  • Wide Tooth Comb - She uses the Wide Tooth Comb to comb through freshly washed and blow-dried hair before styling her hair in twists with perm rods on the ends. Before going to sleep, she protects her style overnight with the Satin Cap



Kelsia reflects on the reactions & responses to her sister’s choice for her bridal party to rock their pattern for the formal event. She honestly admits that though many people were surprised, several commended them for doing so. Kelsia expresses her admiration for her sister’s inspirational move to be bold in her own natural beauty  & by doing so, she encourages her bridesmaids to do the same.