What is the Wide Tooth Comb Attachment & How Does It Work?

What is the Wide Tooth Comb Attachment & How Does It Work?

You’ve got the blow dryer on low. You’re working section by section. You’re gently hovering above your curls… only to be left with dull curls and frizz. What now?

When blow-drying curly hair sans attachments, it’s common for hair to fall flat. And although it may tempt you to steer clear from the blow dryer, what you really need is the right one—plus a few trusty attachments. One of our favorites? The wide-tooth comb attachment. 

The Wide Tooth Comb Attachment from PATTERN helps you lift your curls at the root & achieve smooth, frizz-free curls. Let’s see how it works. 

What is a Wide Tooth Comb Attachment?

You've probably heard of a wide-tooth comb—but have you heard of a wide-tooth comb attachment

Our PATTERN Wide Tooth Comb Attachment mimics our Wide Tooth Comb, both sporting smooth yet sturdy teeth that glide through wet or dry hair. The only difference is that the attachment can go on your blow dryer! This means you can channel hot air while you gently comb out any kinks. 

How Does a Wide Tooth Comb Attachment Help Curls?

Ask any person with dense coils or curls, & they’ll tell you that a wide tooth comb is a must. However, the attachable blow-dryer version of this tool can offer all the same benefits (& more) as a typical wide-tooth comb. 

For show-stopping curls, consider these springy benefits from a wide-tooth comb attachment:

  • Defined & voluminous curls – After drying your hair with a diffuser, use a wide-tooth comb attachment to give that extra volume boost & definition to your roots. Then, as you glide it through your hair, it keeps volume at your roots & smooths frizz through your strands. Finally, seal it all in with our Styling Cream or Curl Gel to hold the shape of your defined, voluminous curls.
  • Hair lengthening – Before adding braids, lengthen your natural hair to make the application easier. A wide-tooth comb attachment can gently disperse a blow dryer’s heat to gently stretch your locks. 
  • Tangle-free tresses – Blow drying alone might cause tangled hair. However, a wide-tooth comb attachment can safely untangle twisted strands, all thanks to the power of distributed heat. If you’re after a wash n’ go style, put this tip in your back pocket.

“This attachment is ideal for someone who wants to create ponytails with texture, to leave their hair out with middle or side parts, and to twist or braid their hair but want to elongate their pattern first,” says PATTERN Hair Stylist and Brand Ambassador Mideyah Parker.”

How to Use a Wide Tooth Comb Attachment

If you’re ready to achieve volumized, salon-set tresses, take these steps to incorporate a wide-tooth comb attachment into your blow-drying routine:

  1. Shampoo & condition your hair.
  2. Apply PATTERN’s Leave-In Conditioner & additional styling products to help prep your curls.
  3. Comb through your curls with a wide-tooth comb or shower brush.
  4. Spritz your hair with PATTERN’s Heat Protectant from root to tip. 
  5. Section your hair into six equal parts.
  6. Dry your hair with the PATTERN Blow Dryer with the Diffuser Attachment.
  7. Set your style with the blow dryer's heat (loose curls, Bantu knots, twist outs, etc.).
  8. Replace the diffuser for curly hair with the PATTERN Wide Tooth Comb Attachment.
  9. To add volume, gently comb hair upwards at the roots. For defined curls, gently comb through your curls to separate individual coils. 

Comb It Your Way with PATTERN

Whether you’re a twist-out queen or a braid extraordinaire, the right tools for styling can transform your look (& protect your curls). Update your hair care routine with our Wide Tooth Comb Attachment for easy volume, defined curls & extra length. Goodbye flat strands, hello bouncy curls. 

At PATTERN, we know there’s much more to natural hair than meets the eye. That’s why our products soothe curly hair down to its core. From styling creams to shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, our products can illuminate your healthiest, shiniest, most desirable locks. After all, it’s what your natural hair deserves.

Explore the PATTERN difference today; unleash your natural beauty tomorrow.