the PATTERN Blow Dryer FAQs

What is the PATTERN Blow Dryer?

A high-performing, salon-quality dryer designed & engineered for curlies, coilies & tight textures. Equipped with a powerful, long-lasting AC motor that delivers precision blowouts & reduced dry time. A ceramic-coated grill to help minimize heat damage & an ion generator that smoothes the cuticles leaving hair feeling healthier. Customize the temperature & airflow with 3 heat, 2-speed settings, & a lock-in cold shot to set styles. While an ion-controlled switch activates negative ions to smooth the cuticle or can be deactivated to create fullness and volume. Also includes 4 unique attachments to help shape, stretch, smooth, & define. Discover the endless possibilities with heat.

What are the most popular features of the PATTERN Blow Dryer The PATTERN Blow Dryer features:

Ceramic Coated grill reduces hot spots to ensure even heat distribution helping to minimize heat damage. Ion Generator saturates airflow with negative ions to help smooth the cuticle. A long-lasting and durable AC motor produces a powerful airflow reducing dry time. 3 heat & 2 speed settings allow up to 6 customized airflow and heat settings for any curl type. Lock-in cold shot delivers a burst of cold air to gently set styles, & enhance shine & luster. Ion-controlled switch activates ions to smooth the cuticle or deactivates to add volume. Dual-locking mechanism ensures that attachments stay firmly in place while styling. Removable filter for easy cleanup (and helps extend motor life) Ergonomically balanced handle to reduce strain while styling. Includes 4 Attachments: A Diffuser to disperse gentle waves of air to help shape and set curls, Wide Tooth Comb to amplify & lift curls to their highest point, a Brush elongates & extends your coils to their fullest potential, and Concentrator Nozzle for focused, wide air flow for blowouts.

What are the benefits of the PATTERN Blow Dryer?

How is it different from other brands? Designed for curly, coily and tight textures. Delivers precision blowouts. Dries curls and coils quickly. Smoothes the cuticle. Curls are voluminous & defined. Leaves hair feeling healthier.

How do I choose the right temperature and speed setting for my hair type?

Choose the temperature setting based on the hair's condition and texture. Opt for lower heat + speed settings for finer hair and higher settings for thick or coarse textures.

Can this cause heat damage if I do not use the Pattern Heat protectant? Can I use my own heat protectant?

Heat damage can occur when heat styling tools aren't used properly and without the use of heat protectant. For best results, we suggest prepping your curls with Pattern's heat protectant.

What is the difference between diffusing and air drying and how is it better?

Diffusing speeds up drying time by gently, dispersing air evenly over a wider area of the hair and helps to prevent frizz and enhance your natural curls. Air drying allows the hair to dry on its own, which causes the hair to be wet for a longer period of time. When hair is wet, it swells, making it more fragile and more susceptible to breakage.

How do you use the concentration attachment?

Use the concentration attachment to direct airflow, keeping the blow dryer moving evenly along the section until it's dry. To elongate curly styles once hair is dry, grab hair, in sections, gently stretch and direct warm heat, for approximately 5 seconds p/section, at the roots using the concentrator.

How do you use the Wide Tooth Comb attachment?

Starting from the ends and working up the strands, use the wide-tooth comb attachment to detangle, unleash volume, and stretch the hair. How do you use the Brush Attachment? Starting from the ends and working up the strands, use the bristles to detangle and smooth the hair, section by section.

Attachments Will they break with my coarse type 4 hair?

The attachments, themselves, will not cause breakage. Misuse of the attachments can.

Is it required to use the leave-in conditioner and the heat protectant with this attachment?

While it is not required, it is highly encouraged. How do you use the diffuser? Arrange detangled curls, coils, and tight textures in the desired direction, while wet. Hover over the hair with the diffuser, in sections, until hair is thoroughly dry.

Heat Protectant Will this protect my curls against the heat of your dryer?

Yes. The heat protectant will help to protect your curls during use of the Pattern Blow Dryer.

Is it required to use the heat protectant with the blow dryer?

While it is not a requirement, it is highly encouraged.

How do you know if this heat protectant works?

It has been tried and tested amongst a diverse spectrum of textures. The hair will feel soft, moisturized, and have body after blow drying and your texture will revert on wash day.

Can you still damage your hair if you use this heat protectant?

Hair may still be susceptible to damage due to extreme heat and overuse of heat styling tools.

Can you use too much of the heat protectant?

Yes, it is possible to use too much Heat Protectant. Use enough to evenly distribute throughout the hair without heavily saturating it.

What makes this a good heat protectant over the others?

Tracee, along with trusted hair care professionals and chemists, carefully selected the most effective ingredients to ensure that your curls would receive the best protection.

Can I use this spray without the blow dryer or heat protectant for added shine to my style?

Yes, we encourage it.

What is Shine Spray used for?

Use the Shine Spray as a finishing spray to add shine and protect against humidity.

What makes this a good shine spray over the others?

Tracee, along with trusted hair care professionals and chemists, carefully selected the most effective ingredients to ensure that your curls would shine bright.

Can both the shine and heat protectant be used simultaneously for this dryer?

We suggest using the heat protectant prior to blow drying and the shine spray after.

Dryer Questions How do I choose the right temperature and speed setting for my hair type?

When using heat, it’s best to begin at the lowest temperature, then work your way up to your desired setting.

How do I clean my dryer?

Wipe down the dryer with a soft dry cloth after usage if your hands have a hair liquid product on them.

How do I clean the filter?

To maintain and deliver optimal performance it is recommended to clean your filter. First, unplug hair dryer from power supply. The rear filter area should be cool to the touch. Hold the handle firmly and gently rotate the filter cap counter-clockwise to release. Brush or wipe with a dry cloth any dust or debris. Attach the filter cap, turning clockwise to lock back into place.

How often should I clean the filter?

It is ideal to clean any lint buildup as you see it.

How should I store my hair dryer?

When not in use, your dryer should be disconnected, allowed to cool, and stored in a safe, dry location out of reach of children. Do not twist the line cord or wrap it around the dryer. Allow the cord to hang or lie loose and straight at the point of entry into the dryer.

Can I use the dryer internationally?

Recommended for US use only.

It has auto world voltage but must be used with an adapter. Is my dryer dual voltage?


What is the wattage/voltage?

This tool has a wattage of 1875W and a voltage of 125V.

How long is the power cord?

7 ft

Does the Blow Dryer have an auto shut-off?


Does the dryer come with a temperature dial/display?


You can toggle between low, medium, or high heat settings and adjust the speed settings.

What type of motor does this dryer have?

This dryer has an AC motor for a powerful, fast drying & professional salon performance.

What is the hour lifespan of this dryer?

On average, an AC motor gives you 400-500 hours of use, but this is dependent on how the dryer is used and maintained.

My dryer isn’t working properly. What should I do?

Unplug the dryer from the outlet. If the dryer is plugged into a GFCI outlet, ensure the outlet is not tripped. Let the dryer rest for one minute. Turn the Speed switch to the off position and plug it back into the outlet. If the dryer is still not working, unplug the dryer and call Customer Service. Do not use the dryer until speaking with the Customer Service team.

My dryer smells like it’s burning. What should I do?

Unplug the dryer and call Customer Service. Do not use the dryer until speaking with the Customer Service team.

How much does the dryer weigh?

508 grams, 1.12 lbs

Where is the serial number located?

The model number and ETL Listing information is silk-screened on the handle. The Date Code of when the dryer was manufactured is on the plug blade.

What is the warranty on the hair dryer?

2 years.

What does the warranty cover?

It only applies to the hair dryer. It does not cover any of the liquids, attachments or accessories.

Where can I find information about my warranty?

Visit to submit a warranty claim or call us at (833) 99-CURLS to receive detailed instructions.

Do you repair or refurbish tools?

Not at this time.

Can I purchase this dryer from outside of the U.S.?


Is my appliance UL listed?


Will the lock mechanism jam over time?

If you experience any issues, please call the Customer Service team.


Is it required to use the leave-in conditioner and/or the heat protectant with this attachment?

We suggest using Heat Protectant before styling with heat. When you’re done washing and want to seal in moisture or do further detangling, our Leave-In Conditioner is perfect to caress curls & add extra hydration while giving soft curl pattern definition.

How do you attach the attachments to the dryer?

To attach the attachment to dryer line up the arrows and lock into place. To detach, press down on the two buttons on the sides of the dryer.

How do you use the Concentrator Nozzle attachment?

Achieve salon-style blowouts with the Concentrator Nozzle Attachment. Directing heat on each section of hair, the focused airflow allows you to work in small or large sections whether you are using a round brush for a sleek look or using the dryer at the roots to achieve volume.

How do you use the Wide Tooth Comb attachment?

Heavy-duty, yet kind on delicate strands, the Wide Tooth Comb attachment mimics the design of PATTERN’s Wide Tooth Comb allowing effortless glide through wet or dry curls & coils, gently detangling with wide-set prongs while ensuring even heat distribution.

How do you use the Brush Attachment?

Rooted in the design of our award-winning Shower Brush, the heavyweight Brush attachment is great for drying & stretching coils & tight textures, as well as shorter lengths. The bristles detangle & smooth hair while heat effortlessly dries it, & the result is a popping’ style in less time.

How do you use the Diffuser Attachment?

Achieve both volume and definition – without heat damage – with PATTERN’s Diffuser attachment. Simulating natural drying, the Diffuser features long, ventilated prongs that evenly distribute air from root to tip and an aluminum plate that radiates heat to help dry curls quickly. The vortex shape allows for controlled airflow whether you're gently sectioning strands or diffusing roots with head upside down.

Is there a warranty on just the attachments?


How do I clean the attachments?

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe away any debris.

What is the material of the attachments?

The concentrator is made of Nylon (PA), the diffuser is made of Nylon Housing + Anodized Aluminum Plate, the Pick is made of Nylon, & the brushes are made with Nylon Housing with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) bristles.

Is the diffuser a universal attachment?

No. It can only fit the PATTERN Blow Dryer. Customer Related Questions Customer Related Questions Canned responses

How is the PATTERN Blow Dryer different from the Dyson?

When designing our blow dryer, we kept your curls in mind. We’ve launched our first-ever professional hair dryer with attachments that were created specifically for curls and coils. We also have an AC motor that helps dry hair faster without the fear of heat damage. To learn more visit our site here. We hope that this information will produce the results you’re looking for & as always, thank you for rocking your curls with PATTERN.