How to Use Hair Mousse for Curls  &  Coilies: A Step by Step Guide

How to Use Hair Mousse for Curls & Coilies: A Step by Step Guide

Much like makeup, hair care products can help you embrace & celebrate your natural beauty by amplifying what’s already there. And when it comes to our favorite hair care products, mousse makes the list. 

So, what does hair mousse do? Essentially, mousse can help you build gravity-defying hair volume & keep styled curls lustrous & smooth. 

Thanks to mousse’s versatility, there are a million different ways to use this styling product. In this guide, we’ll explore, in particular, how to use mousse to define, style, & embrace curly & coily hair.

How to Apply Mousse Like A Pro 

To make the most out of mousse, proper application is key. With the right technique, you can lift & define your curls for a fresh-from-the-salon look.

Here’s how we recommend applying a product like our Curl Mousse:1

  1. Start by soaking your curls sufficiently with water. Or, if you follow a wash day routine, plan to apply your curly hair mousse after you step out of the shower. Wet hair allows the mousse to melt into your hair shafts & disperse effortlessly. If you’re using mousse to hold in moisture, thorough hydration of your curls is the first step toward dewy locks.
  2. Gently squeeze out excess water, being mindful of the look you’re aiming to achieve. If you plan to build volume & hold with mousse, let your locks drip dry (but maintain some dampness). If you’re going for a “wet” look similar to gel, leave your curls glistening with plenty of moisture.
  3. Squirt a quarter-sized amount of hair product into your palm, & let it expand completely.
  4. Pat your hands together lightly. You’ll be using both to apply that heavenly dollop of curly hair mousse, so make sure they have an even amount. 
  5. Begin to fluff your hair with the mousse, starting from the nape of your neck & working up toward your scalp. As you go, keep your end goal in mind. If you’re looking for smooth, defined locks, seal the ends of your curls with extra styling product. If you’re looking for more volume, tease your roots upward with mousse’s lightweight hold. 

Once your curls are properly moussed, you can dry & style your hair.

Drying Your Hair With Mousse 

When it comes to mousse, two different drying techniques offer distinct results. Understanding their differences can help to ensure you adore your final look. 

  • Air dry – Interested in learning how to define curls using hair mousse? For shiny, defined curls, opt for a simple air dry. The mousse will provide a hold similar to gel, but more lightweight. This results in juicy & silky smooth curls.

  • Blow dry – If you’re a fan of pillowy curls with major fullness, opt for a blow dryer for curly hair. We recommend blowing out your locks with the help of a diffuser attachment for well conditioned, voluminous curls that aren’t afraid to take up space & make a statement. 

What Hair Care Products Can You Pair With Mousse? 

how to use hair mousse

Mousse can slay as a stand-alone product or as a team player alongside other curly hair products.  

Some curly hair stylers & tools you can pair with mousse include:

  • Hair dryer – As we mentioned earlier, using a hair dryer after applying mousse can help you achieve big, bouncy curls. By adding a diffuser attachment, you can mitigate heat damage and avoid hair breakage & frizz. 
  • Styling custard – Build on your curl definition (and hydration) with a lightweight curl custard designed to deposit even more moisture into set styles. 
  • Strong hold gel – Fortify your mousse’s volume & staying power with our Strong Hold Gel. Simply work some in along with the mousse for a sleek & powerful hold. 
  • Mist spray bottle – Some mornings, your wash-and-go look might need to be wash-free. Use mousse & an ample spritz of warm water from PATTERN’s misting spray bottle to refresh curls & coils in a snap.  

With these dynamic pairings, you can switch up your hair care ritual & achieve countless looks that show off & celebrate your natural curls.

Who Should Use Curl Mousse? 

Now that you understand the fundamentals of how to use mousse to curl hair, you may be wondering if you can use mousse with particular styles or curl sizes. In fact, you may want to know, can you use mousse for every natural hair type?

The answer is a resounding yes.2 

You can use this beloved hair care staple to condition & hold twists or rod sets, build sleek box braids, tease tight coils & create dramatic height. No matter what curl pattern your natural hair takes, mousse can help you define & embrace it. 

Define, Style & Embrace Your Curls & Coilies with PATTERN

Perfecting your use of styling mousse is just the start with PATTERN. Our brand strives to celebrate curly, coily & tight-textured hair in all its glory with natural hair care products, hair accessories, styling tools & more. 

From rich oils to nourishing styling creams, we approach hair care holistically & can meet your hair at whatever stage it is in. 

It’s time to embrace hair care as self care with PATTERN. 


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