Introducing: The Treatment Collection

Introducing: The Treatment Collection

Scalps and strands rejoice. Today, PATTERN has unveiled its third collection, Curly Hair Treatments, with two signature formulas designed to treat both the hair & scalp with nourishing ingredients. 

We modernized historic home remedies to honor the sacred exchange between family and hair. Think: days spent sitting between the legs of your mother, grandmother or aunt, getting your scalp massaged with familial concoctions.

The Treatment Collection features:

1. Scalp Serum ($25)
Formulated with Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender oils to soothe your roots, our scalp serum will invigorate protective styles, locs & full out curls.

2. Treatment Mask ($25)

Formulated with strengthening ingredients such as Rice Water Ferment, this curly hair mask delivers slip, curl elongation & definition to coils.

“The way we care for our hair is self-care," says PATTERN founder & CEO Tracee Ellis Ross. "When we honor our pattern, we honor ourselves, we get to know ourselves, we connect to our strength, our own fortitude. We honor the ritual, and name our legacy as beautify, as important and as something to be tethered to; not something to be disconnected from.”

Growing up, this legacy included Tracee & her cousins getting mayonnaise deep conditioning treatments. 

"I remember lining up outside of my grandmother's fancy bathroom downstairs that was off to the side of the living room, all in white with the plastic, that as we lined up all the cousins and she filled our hair with mayonnaise after washing our hair in the sink," says Ross. "I am a part of the lines of cousins and siblings and children that had all reaped the benefits of those home remedies and the ritual of loving ourselves and putting love into our hair.”

With these two new products, curlies, coilies & tight textures can set aside the homemade hacks, to grab moisture-rich formulas to Honor Your Pattern.

This wash day, grab the Scalp Serum & Treatment Mask for some self-care. Section hair & apply to the serum scalp. Massage in for added relief. Then, grab the mask and apply on wet, detangled hair before or after cleansing depending on preference. Let sit on hair for 5-10 minutes. After rinsing out, deep condition with PATTERN Heavy or Intensive Conditioners to replenish even more moisture back into hair & to fully enliven your curls.

Watch as Tracee introduces the collection & shares some of her favorite ways to give your hair the spa day it deserves:


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