What's In My Shower? Ft. Tracee Ellis Ross

What's In My Shower? Ft. Tracee Ellis Ross

Anyone who thinks a shower can’t be the best part of your day doesn’t know how to treat themselves like you do. There’s so much to love about showering, from luxuriating under the water to pampering yourself with nourishing curly hair products after a long day. 

Your fabulous natural curls also mean that the shower is a crucial part of hair maintenance. 

A powerful product lineup in the shower can help take your natural curls to the next level. Who better to look to for inspiration than our founder, Tracee Ellis Ross? If you’re looking to step up your shower product game, it’s time to discover what Tracee uses in her wash day routine.

#1 Hydration Shampoo

To kick off her shower, Tracee starts with our Hydration Shampoo, which is designed for curlies, coilies & hair with tight textures. While you want a shampoo that will clean your scalp & remove buildup, it’s important not to strip the moisture out of your natural hair. 

The PATTERN Hydration Shampoo delivers a huge dose of moisture through key ingredients such as:

  • Honey
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
  • Coconut Oil
  • No surfactants like SLS/SLES that are harsh on your hair

This way, both your & Tracee’s curls receive a gentle clean but still retain moisture to keep them looking their best.

#2 Medium Conditioner for Curlies

After shampooing, Tracee moves on to the PATTERN Medium Conditioner, which is best suited for coily & curly hair types

Natural hair can go a while between washes, such as once a week or even every other week. Spacing out your washes can help to keep your luscious locks from drying out. However, it’s equally important to condition & properly moisturize your hair every time you wash.

Our Medium Conditioner is an excellent way to hydrate your hair thanks to the jojoba oil & olive oil included in its blend. Tracee takes it a step further with the following conditioner boosts:

  • Shower Brush – To detangle while she conditions, Tracee uses our hair brush for curly hair to work her conditioner through her curls, brushing from bottom to top.
  • Hair Clip – Tracee also uses the PATTERN curly hair claw clip to section her hair while she conditions, which ensures that all of her hair benefits from the moisture bomb that is our Medium Conditioner.

With this luxe conditioning experience, you can treat your curls & watch them take shape like never before.

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#3 Leave-In Conditioner

Next, Tracee uses the crowning glory of curly hair care products—Leave- Conditioner. Our luxurious formula helps define your curls further & is the perfect precursor to a protective style. The PATTERN Leave-In Conditioner also has the following benefits:

  • Fewer split ends – Breakage can be a concern for natural hair, but you can wave goodbye to split ends with our Leave-In Conditioner. It can help to seal your ends to keep them intact & stop splits from forming. That way, you can enjoy radiant & breakage-free curls without the splits.
  • Less frizz – Since your natural hair needs extra moisture, it can become frizzy when it doesn’t receive enough TLC. Using a leave-in conditioner can deliver that extra moisturizing boost your curls are craving, meaning you’ll see less unwanted frizz & more sleek shine.
  • Constant moisture – Since you don’t need to rinse out a leave-in conditioner, it can deliver moisture on the go. That means your hair can benefit from a constant stream of moisture between washes, helping to keep it healthy & happy.

Follow Tracee’s example & pamper yourself with our Leave-In Conditioner. Its blend of biotin, honey & natural oils is exactly what your natural hair needs to thrive.

#4 Curl Mousse

The last step in Tracee’s wash day routine is our lightweight Curl Mousse. This finishing product is the perfect way to end your shower & prep your hair for styling. It’s especially suitable for patterns 3B–4C but can help set styles for curlies & coilies too. This mousse also dries quickly, so you can get out of the bathroom & back on the go ASAP.

For some super cute style ideas, you can use our Curl Mousse for:

  • Braids & protective styles
  • Finger coils
  • Finger waves
  • General wash & go

If you’re looking for an easy application, simply mix our Curl Mousse with your leave-in conditioner & work it through your hair like normal. Then, style your hair & fall in love with the quick-drying, crunch-free finish.

Try Tracee’s Shower Routine with PATTERN

A top-notch hair care routine is like a dose of love for natural hair. That’s why Tracee created PATTERN. She knew that the world needed a line of products that would truly embrace the joyful celebration that is natural hair & give curls the pampering they deserve.

At PATTERN, we’re sharing the curly, coily & tight-textured love—& Tracee’s hair care secrets, too. No matter your curl pattern, we have products designed to help your hair look heavenly. 

Join the PATTERN family today & step up your shower game with any of Tracee’s wash day routine essentials.


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