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There is a beauty bundle for any stage your hair is in. Whether you need to use shampoo, leave in conditioner, or add moisture to your hair especially depending on your hair type, hair we've got you. Need to hydrate, slick it back or prepare for a twist out? We've got you. Even if you need to style on the go, we've got you taken care of with our curly hair products.

Pattern Beauty meets your curly hair needs at any stage to leave your hair looking and feeling juicy and joyful. Each beauty hair bundle includes a variation of hand-crafted Pattern Beauty products, instructions, and love. These bundles feature a variety of Pattern Beauty products that when combined make the perfect hair care routine for whatever you need and contain essential elements and ingredients that are tailored to each hair type to promote hydration, soothe those hair follicles and deliver overall hair wellness.

Skip the hassle of hunting for different products for your routine and buy a beauty bundle that already has the ingredients you need. Convenient, effective, and nourishing. Pattern Beauty Natural Hair Kits and Beauty Bundles are exactly what you need to cater for your curl pattern. Made from people with all different curls, coilies, and hair textures. Give your crown the love and attention it deserves.