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  • Deep Scalp Detox

    formulated for curlies, coilies, & tight textures

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Let your curls, coils & locs flourish. Our revolutionary collection of curly hair serums, nourishing oils & treatment masks will give you a healthy, hydrated boost from scalp to strand. Each item in our collection contains soothing, supportive ingredients that provide one-of-a-kind care for your natural hair type. No matter what kind of curls you rock, discover beautiful products that nurture each hair follicle, defy hair breakage & strengthen your shine.

Protect Healthy Hair with Our Oil Blends

Ready to defy gravity & expectations? Our oils, masks, & self-heating packs defend against damage & bring all textures a well-deserved dose of TLC. Break away from hair breakage & maintain moisture with luxurious oil blends like our Jojoba Oil Blend—enriched with Safflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, Olive Oil & Lavender Oil to keep low-porosity curls & coils juicy & joyful for days. Run a few drops through your locs for long-lasting hydration that won’t weigh you down. You can also massage them into your scalp for the ultimate skin-soothing treat. For added elasticity & protection, lavish your curls with our Argan Oil Blend, complete with vitamin-packed Sunflower Oil & moisturizing Shea. Whether you layer on the love or sample each hair oil solo, enjoy softer, smoother & stronger strands.

Nutrient-Packed Treatment Masks

Because no care is complete without a treat-yourself moment, discover nutrient-packed masks—inspired by generations of gorgeous natural hair & perfected to provide a boost of moisture to dry or damaged hair. With ingredients like Rice Water Ferment, Moringa Seed & Manuka Honey, our replenishing masks deliver silky slip & daring definition to your coils.

Perfect for any tight texture, our Treatment Mask pays homage to traditional at-home hair remedies & aims to leave each hair strand feeling supple, soft & pampered. Do you want to transition out of a chemical treatment? Nurture your new natural style with our Transition Mask crafted to power hair growth & help prevent breakage & shedding. Bridging the gap between hairstyles never looked—or felt—so beautiful.

Soothe Your Scalp with a Serum or Oil

Between award-winning Jojoba Oil Blend Self-Heating Packs & the cooling, calming Scalp Serum, explore invigorating, nutrient-dense hair care that supports every strand & honors your roots. All of our treatments for curly hair, oils, serums, & masks are made with your natural hair texture top of mind. Wear them how you wear your hair—the way you want.

Our Self Heating Packs are infused with Jojoba Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil & more to support delivering extra hydration while also being lightweight & residue-free. Looking for scalp irritation relief from tight styles? Our invigorating Scalp Serum soothes, calms & cools each hair follicle with Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender oils for a refreshing feel.

Layer our Curly Hair Products for the Ultimate Routine

Whether you prefer to prime your coily hair with our Hydrating Mist or complete your routine with our Intensive Conditioner, you’ll feel the difference that maximum hydration makes to help your curls become soft & defined. Add a few drops of your favorite hair serum or oil for a hydrating boost on the go, or combine your go-to PATTERN products after a wash for a luxurious self-care moment. Your crown, your choice.

Still defining your high-definition hair care routine? Curate your curl care with the Ultimate Hydration Bundle—complete with our stimulating Scalp Serum, nourishing Treatment Mask, holy-grail Jojoba Oil Blend Self-Heating Packs & ultra-rich Intensive Conditioner. No matter how you choose to mix it up, you’ll unlock lightweight, lasting hydration & luscious, healthy strands.

To keep you feeling as confident in your care as you are in your hair, all of the ingredients in our nourishing oils, soothing serums & moisturizing treatments are color-safe, cruelty-free & curl-friendly—no parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, cyclic silicones, or formaldehyde in the mix. Because there’s no curly hair care without community, each of our nourishing treatments supports organizations & programs that empower women & people of color. Heads & hearts full of joy? That’s the PATTERN difference.

When you nurture your hair a lush treatment mask, oil or serum for curly hair, you’re not just building a luxury routine—you’re building a legacy. Shop our Hair Serums Collection to celebrate your curls, treasure your natural hair texture & set the definition for healthy hair. Whether you are searching for the best hair serum, oil blend, treatment mask, or styling products, your hair health is our priority at PATTERN.