Ask the Expert: Ebony Bomani Answers All Your Hair Care Questions

Ask the Expert: Ebony Bomani Answers All Your Hair Care Questions

You asked, we've answered! Being a curly, coily or tight-textured queen is not a straight-line journey. It's got twists and turns, curves and circles.... much like our strands. But as always, PATTERN is here to encourage. 

Our Brand Educator Ebony Bomani has been seeing your questions on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube and is here to answer!

Trouble transitioning? Not to worry. Product problems? We got you.  In need of some inspiration? Nuff said. We'll be answering your burning questions monthly, so check back for the latest.

How do you feel / want to learn more about co-washing? Benefits / purpose of co-washing?

Co-washing, mid-week, has its place when it comes to gently rinsing away some of the sweat and surface debris. It also helps to give your hair a boost of moisture between wash days, but shouldn’t be the sole method of “cleansing” your hair and scalp.

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What are you go-to natural tips, tricks & advice?

Decide if you want to transition (and how long) or big chop. If you prefer to transition, plan to incorporate styles that require little to no heat and blend the different textures. Try styles, such as, rod sets and twist/braid outs. Pop in some small perm rods at the ends of your twist/braid outs to mimic natural curls or coils. Feel free to air dry or sit under a hooded dryer. Choose hydrating and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, as well as strengthening hair treatments for curly hair to provide optimal moisture-protein balance. Try to avoid styles with a lot of tension and manipulation, as they can cause the hair to break where the two textures meet. Also known as the line of demarcation.

How do you nourish multi-textured hair?

Most people have multi-textured hair. Sometimes the areas behave or exist differently on the head, so if your textures are obviously different, try styles that unify them. Braid/Twist Outs, and roller/rod sets are a few styles that are ideal for making your texture look uniform.

How to prevent breakage and shedding?

To prevent breakage, keep your regimen simple and manipulation to a minimum. To balance all the moisturizing products that curlies love, include protein-based deep conditioning or mask treatments, such as PATTERN’s Hydrating Hair Mask, at least twice a month. It contains the strengthening properties of rice protein to help keep the hair strong and elastic. Hair that’s balanced with moisture and protein is a lot less prone to natural hair breakage.

It’s perfectly natural to experience curly hair shedding - seeing between 50 - 100 hair strands, daily. There’s no need to be concerned about shedding, unless it becomes excessive. Vitamin deficiencies, postpartum season, stress, hormones, etc. could be the culprit. Being that shedding is an internal occurrence, it’s important to consult your physician to learn the true cause. Keep in mind that those with curly, coily, and tight-textures tend not to style every day, which means that the, daily, shed hair accumulates until the next time we style.

Is it okay to wet my hair (no shampoo) with every shower?

It’s fine to wet your hair, daily, with clean, fresh water. Although, it may not be necessary unless you sweat a lot.

What PATTERN products & routine do you recommend for my locs?

PATTERN’s clarifying shampoo, lightweight conditioner, strong hold gel, and scalp serum should be in our fellow loc’d sisters and brothers, monthly maintenance routines. To keep the scalp fresh, incorporate the scalp serum a few times per month. For occasional rehydration, lightly mist your locs with the hydrating mist.

Best practices for curlies who workout a lot and sweat during the week?

A weekly regimen of shampooing and conditioning once or twice a week will keep the hair and scalp clean and hydrated. If you have a coily or tighter-textured hair, co-wash using PATTERN’s lightweight conditioner, in between wash days, to rinse away some of the sweat and add a dose of moisture.

What is a healthy regimen for older, grey curls?

A weekly, hydrating regimen, for grey curls, should include shampooing with PATTERN’s hydrating shampoo and conditioning with the medium or heavy conditioner. For further protection, moisture, and nourishment, treat your curls to the leave-in conditioner prior to using styling products. To rehydrate and refresh your hair throughout the week, spritz with the hydrating mist.


Tell me more about silicones. Should I steer clear of silicones? 

Not all silicones are bad. For the most part, they coat the strands, lock in moisture, block out humidity, add shine, and can make the hair feel soft and luxurious. However, when you use products that contain silicones, it’s important to shampoo, regularly, because they can build up on the hair, preventing vital moisture from entering the strands. Eventually, your hair will start to break and become dry and dull-looking.

Is it really necessary to wear a bonnet at night?

Wearing a satin cap at night helps to protect your hair from the back and forth friction that happens when your hair meets a cotton pillowcase. Satin bonnets also help to preserve the moisture in your hair while you sleep. If you prefer not to use a bonnet, opt for a satin pillowcase.

What is the proper way to detangle my hair?

Detangling can be done prior to or after shampooing. Apply a moisturizing agent, such as a conditioner after shampooing (or a pre-treatment before), and allow it to soften the hair first. Work in sections to stay organized and ensure all the hair has been saturated. Using a wide-tooth comb, or detangling brush, start gently detangling from the bottom and work your way up. If your hair is extremely tangled, use your fingers to release the tangles before using tools. Clip away or twist the hair that has already been detangled. Keep a spray bottle with water handy in case you need to mist the hair for more pliability.

Tips on breakage around the hairline.

The hairline is super fragile, so it’s best to minimize or eliminate tension. Always be gentle! Groom your hairline when it’s damp, using your hands or PATTERN’s quality edge tool. Trying to force your edges into “submission” while your hair is dry can cause unnecessary stress and breakage. Minimize the use of products, containing drying alcohols, that deplete the hair of moisture. Treat yourself to a gentle scalp massage, using PATTERN’s Scalp Serum, a couple times a week, to improve circulation. When installing protective styles, such as, braids or twists with extensions, avoid including your edges. If possible, limit manipulating your hair through the week.

Tips on preventing split ends.

Keep your hair properly hydrated and deep conditioned, reduce manipulation, and always comb or brush it gently, while it’s damp, from the bottom up when styling. The ends are the oldest part of your hair, which means that they’re typically drier and more prone to splitting. If the hair starts to split, it could travel upward and cause weak points in the strand, eventually causing it to break. Schedule regular trims to get rid of that part of the hair so your ends can stay healthy and strong. Regular, for you, could mean every 6 - 8 weeks, 3 - 4 months, or 6 - 8 months, depending on the condition of your hair.


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Ebony Bomani is a licensed cosmetologist, textured hair enthusiast, content creator & brand educator. Connect with her about healthy hair care & green beauty-related topics via Instagram or LinkedIn. 



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