How to Do a Perfect Flexi Rod Set

How to Do a Perfect Flexi Rod Set

Ah the Flexi Rod Set. A favorite of naturals and transitioners alike because of the juicy & joyful ringlets of perfection that come from these lightweight foam straws. Flexi rods can create bouncy curls of nearly any size, and offer a low-heat way to achieve a long-lasting style. Plus, for those with new growth, they can hide a multitude of textures.

Now, many of us feel daunted by these neon-colored wands. After all, the twisting plus the product-to-hair ratio can overwhelm even the savviest sisters. 

But that's why PATTERN has Ebony Bomani. Our resident Brand Educator & stylist with Type 4 coils is here to show us how to perfect a Flexi Rod Set on wet, damp or dry hair. Any texture or length can apply her tried-and-tested method to achieve voluminous style.

Here are the products you'll need:

  1. Flexi Rods of your preferred size
  2. Hydration Shampoo
  3. The right conditioner for your hair type
  4. Leave-In Conditioner
  5. Strong Hold Gel
  6. Shower Brush
  7. Argan Oil Serum or Jojoba Scalp Oil
  8. Hair Pick

Ready, set, flex!



  • Hydration Shampoo

    for curlies, coilies & tight textures

    Creamy, luxurious & boosted with a blend of glorious oils, our Hydration Shampoo helps curls & coils dance in...
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  • Leave-In Conditioner

    for curly hair, coilies & tight textures

    The holy grail of hair care products, our Leave-In Conditioner treats curls, coils & tight textures to a refreshing...
    Regular price $29.40
    Regular price $29.40 Sale price $29.40
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