Introducing the Jumbette Stylers

Introducing the Jumbette Stylers

We all know that size matters, especially when it comes to curly hair products. The PATTERN community has been pumping up the moisture for a year thanks to our jumbo Conditioners and Hydration Shampoo. 25 ounces of moisture, slip and softness were just too irresistible, especially during the quarantine. So when we polled our Twitter and Instagram audiences to ask them, “What PATTERN products do you want a JUMBO size of?”

Over 3,000 curlies, coilies & tight-textures responded begging for Jumbette Natural Hair Styling Products, so here they are! Introducing Jumbo Styling Cream & Jumbo Curl Gel.

PATTERN Styling Cream, 25 fl oz. ($42): There’s more to love of this formula that brings a healthy dose of moisture and manageability to coilies and tight textures. With Shea Butter, Cacay and Sweet Almond Oils, this emollient, buttery cream is excellent for creating medium hold and definition—whether it’s for locs, braids or twist-outs.

PATTERN Curl Gel, 25 fl oz. ($42): You’ll get extra bounce to the ounce with a super-sized version of this medium hold gel. A wash-and-go’s BFF, it imparts soft spring to curls minus the crunch or white cast thanks to nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut and Cacay Oils.

“Let’s be real: For most curly girls, a dime-sized amount of any product just isn’t going to get the job done,” said PATTERN founder, CEO and award-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross. “More is more, so I wanted to give our community these jumbo-sized stylers that they were craving so they have the tools to let their curls, coils, braids and locs rock on and on.”

Typically, jumbo-sized products are reserved for just shampoos and conditioners—but not at PATTERN. The Curl Gel and Styling Cream are the brand’s first two stylers (more to come!) to join the beloved Jumbette family giving users more of their trusted formulas in one convenient and eco-conscious container. Each Jumbette is topped off with a pump dispenser, which helps make styling a breeze when hands are wet or already filled with product. Bonus: You can also unscrew the top and scoop out every last strand-loving drop.

Great for the entire family (dads, Zaddies, teens and kids can pump it up too), PATTERN Jumbettes’ sunny packaging is sure to bring a juicy-and-joyful jolt to any bathroom.


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